13 Reasons to Grow a Beard

Beard Oil: What is it and Why Use it?
August 4, 2016
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13 Reasons to Grow a Beard

Beards are awesome. Plain and simple. We’re assuming that you agree, considering you’re on our Ritual Beard site, the holy grail of beard grooming products. If you don’t have a face blanket yet but are thinking of growing one, then we’re here to give you reassurance that you’re making a grand decision. If you aren’t looking to grow a beard at all, then we have a list of very convincing reasons to change your mind.

1. Beards provide instant sex appeal.

They make you look like lumberjacks. What girl doesn’t find a lumberjack rugged and attractive? Your lover will feel like they’re dating a manly beast who cuts down wood and builds a house with his bare hands. Instant sexiness and masculinity.



2. Beards are hygienic.

Remember all that talk about poop-particles living in your beard? It’s false. In fact, new studies show that it’s actually clean-shaven faces that should be worried. Baby faces are more than three times as likely to host bacteria. Who’s got a poop-free face? You do!

You do!

3. Beards are also napkins.

Gone are the days of eating a burrito and having beef particles fall onto your brand new flannel. Or, eating a chocolate chip cookie and getting cookie dust all over your pants. Now, food will just fall in your crumb catcher. BONUS – you can save it for later like Zach Galifianakis.

4. They hide acne and skin conditions.

Zits on your chin? Self-conscious about a scar on your face? Have rosacea or eczema? Grow a beard! Boom, instant cover up. Not to mention, shaving actually spreads bacteria around your face and into your follicles which causes blemishes. Shaving is the enemy! Either way, you should still try out our beard oil to help alleviate your skin conditions. *shameless plug*

Shaving is the Enemy

5. Ladies trust the beard – it’s a fact.

Science doesn’t lie, people. This study shows proof that women choose face fuzz over naked-faced men. According to the results, women found bearded men to appear healthier, more masculine and likely to protect and invest in offspring.

Trust the Beard

6. Beards are natural blankets.

While everyone else is buying face protecting head gear for the winter months, you’ll be saving money with your warm and hairy neck scarf.

7. You can buy awesome things for your beard.

Like BEARD OIL! Or beard balms, mustache waxes, combs and special brushes. You can even dress it up with little trinkets.

8. Glitter. Beards.

Yes, glitter beards are a thing. It probably sounds like your worst nightmare but the ladies go crazy over it. Have a party to attend? Throw some gold glitter in that mug of yours and watch the attention come pouring in.

Glitter Beards

9. Beards make you look older and wiser.

Take a look at Ben Affleck’s hairless face compared to his heavy stubble. Is that you, Ben? His beard instantly puts on 5 years (in a good, mature way) and gives off an instant sense of wisdom. I trust you, Ben. Tell me all of the deep knowledge you have hidden in that rugged beard.

ben affleck with beard

10. Beards give you power.

And they demand respect. You’ll see – once you grow it, you’ll be wearing a suit and sitting on a rich leather couch like a proper gentlemen.


11. Beards can help counteract your baldness.

If you can’t grow hair on the top of your head, grow hair on the bottom of it! Having a beard will fulfill you and your lover’s desire of running their fingers through your luscious locks. Sculpt it, oil it, comb it, fondle it. Do whatever you want to it, you deserve it.

Bald with a Beard

12. You can style it to match your personality.

The possibilities are endless. You can braid it, turn it into dreadlocks, split it in half, criss cross it. Get creative and go crazy!

braided beard

13. B*tches Love Beards.

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but BEARDS are a woman’s best friend.

Ladies Love Beards

This list could go on and on, but we’re pretty positive that these 12 reasons to grow a beard are enough to persuade you to join the beard community. Ritual Beard thinks your facial hair is a blessing and will welcome your newly bearded face with open arms!

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