Beard Grooming Tips for the Modern Man

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August 25, 2017
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Beard Grooming Tips for the Modern Man

Tips for Beard Grooming

Beard Grooming Tips for the Modern Man

We know there are a handful of men out there that may cringe at the idea of a beard grooming guide. We get it! Beard grooming isn’t for everyone, just like not all women dye their hair. But understanding how to properly groom your beard is essential for the modern gentlemen, like you. Your beard is going to be the biggest, baddest in the game because men like you take care of your beard hair like you take care of your business. Whether or not other men think beard care is necessary, you know that beard grooming keeps you one step up from the competition.

When it comes down to it, hair should be brushed. If you want to take extra care, the hair should be conditioned. For our urban gentlemen out there, who want to maximize their bearded potential, we’re right beside you. Here are beard grooming tips that, if followed, will have you sporting glorious locks of love.

How to Groom a Curly Beard

Beard Grooming for Curly Hair

Curly hair can be tough to tame, especially as it gets longer. Nothing is worse than having a nice hair-cut and a scraggly, unruly beard. There are a few key steps you can take to lessen the frizz and flatten the individual hairs.

When washing your curly beard, you’ll want to avoid any harsh soaps or heavy beard shampoos. The ingredients can leave a greasy residue behind in your hair, clogging the follicle and increasing damage. Opt for a light cleanser and gently wash your beard. Pay attention to how rough you towel dry. You’ll want to avoid any vigorous rubbing as this can cause damage to the hairs and frizzy, split ends. When your hair is wet, gently pat your beard dry with a towel.

Next in your beard grooming routine, apply beard balm or beard butter while your facial hair is slightly damp. Use this to style the hairs and shape the beard by smoothing it through and straightening pieces as you go. After this, begin blow drying your love curls with the use of a boar bristle brush. You can guide your hair in a straight direction as you dry it on a cool setting. This last step will lock in the balm and keep your beard tamed all day long.

As always, brush it out every day to eliminate kinks and knots. Be sure to keep your curly beard neatly trimmed and shaped for the best results.

How to Groom a Long Beard

Beard Grooming for Long Hair

Long beards are particularly fun to groom. If you have straight hair, then consider your beard a weekend lover; tough to lock down but easy to pass through. You can comb through it with no problem, but that flyaway hair will still be flying away. If you have curly hair, then refer to the section above. Let’s focus here on taming the length and maintaining shape.

Brushing and combing are a major part of long beard grooming routines. Just like head hair, the longer it is, the more likely it is to knot, frizz and split. Brushing through the hair with natural boar bristles will help fight through knots, keep the hair straight and enhance the shine.

Applying beard oil is beard grooming 101 for face blanket wearers. Beard oil will lock in moisture and seal the hair follicle, so that your beard won’t look dull and unhealthy. It will also encourage long, steady hair growth. If your whiskers are long but crispy, beard oil will soften them right up. Plus, it will leave a long-lasting fragrance behind.

Lastly, trim and shape your beard as needed. If it goes too long without a trim, you’ll start looking like Brad Pitt in 2010.

How to Groom a Short Beard

Beard Grooming for Short Hair

Short beards require little maintenance because, well, the hair is shorter. The most that you’ll want to focus on is the healthy skin environment underneath to make sure that the hair growing out is strong, shiny and smooth.

Choosing the right beard oil for your skin is beard grooming 101 for short bearded dudes. Focus on what you want to fix with your skin or facial hair, whether it is reducing dryness, eliminate itching, soften hairs, or increase shine. If you need more direction on applying beard oil, check out our beard oil guide.

Once you choose the right product for you, apply a few drops daily and rub it into the skin and hair. If your whiskers are long enough to fully groom, use a natural boar bristle brush or wood comb to style. Avoid plastic combs as they tend to pull on the hair and break it.

Keep the neckline trimmed and neat, along with the sideburns and overall length of the beard. Other than that, short beards are pretty easy to tame.

How to Groom a Beard Neckline

Beard Grooming for Necklines

The main thing you want to focus on when grooming your neckline is to keep it neat, straight and well-defined. You’d be surprised at how much of a difference a well-shaped neckline makes. Obviously, this is easy than it sounds. You can’t see your own neckline, so how are you supposed to know the best spots to trim? Here are a few tips and tricks:

  • 1. Find the Difference

You have to separate your neck and your beard. To do so, look straight into a mirror and tilt your head back slightly. Take your index finger and point right above your Adam’s apple. This is where your beard ends and your neck begins.

  1. Trim Away

From the difference line, you can begin to trim any hair considered to be on your neck. Trim from the index finger point, down. Continue working all the way around. Try to make it slightly curved, because a rounded neckline is a little weird.

  1. Corner it

Make sure that the corners of your beard by your ear are in line with your chin. Whether you leave it squared or rounded is up to you and your personal preference.

  1. Finish

If all is looking good, then you can finish it off by giving it one last trim through. If you want to touch up on your cheekline, you can use the same setting to straighten and tidy it up. If you want to shorten the hair above your Adam’s apple a bit to give a gradient effect, go one or two settings up on the buzzer and trim over that area.

These are just suggestions on how to quickly trim that neckline. What is your favorite neckline trimming technique? Let us know in the comments.

Best Beard Grooming Products

Beard Grooming Products

To successfully keep up that beast of a beard, you’ll need at least four things: your trusty beard conditioner, a blow dryer, a razor and a natural brush. The beard conditioner you choose can be a balm, butter, oil or moisturizing shampoo. These products can be found in your local drugstore, barbershop or a specialty store. You can also find majority of these products through an online beard product retailer, like us!

Now that you’ve read through our basic but comprehensive guide on beard grooming techniques, go out there and show us what you got! Share pictures of your pristine groomed beard with us by tagging @RitualBeardCo on Instagram or Twitter. Also don’t forget to subscribe to our mailing list for more beards tips and tricks below!


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