Beard Oil vs Beard Balm: What’s the Difference?

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December 6, 2016
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Beard Oil vs Beard Balm: What’s the Difference?

Beard Oil vs. Beard Balm: What’s the Difference?

The time has come. You are moving your razor to the back of your medicine cabinet and embarking on your beard growing journey. But where to start? Well, grooming products such as beard oil and beard balm are needed in your arsenal to ensure proper healthy hair growth. Upon shopping for these items, you may find yourself a bit overwhelmed with the options. There are so many beard products out on the market that you’ll find yourself thinking, “What’s the heck is the difference?” Believe it or not, there actually is a difference and it’s more than just a consistency thing. Beard oil and beard balm have been created to promote certain things and pertain to specific bearded needs. The ingredients in them are similar but are meant to function differently. I know, you still have one eyebrow raised. Don’t worry. Ritual Beard is here to help you decipher which product does what and which one you need to add to your personal grooming kit.


Beard oil is probably the most popular beard product out there and for good reason! We feel confident enough to say that this should be the first thing you purchase if you are looking to start a beard grooming kit of your own. Beard oil has been specifically created to rid your skin of dryness and cure any flaking, commonly referred to as “beardruff”, underneath the hair. If you’ve been in the really early stages of beard growth you may have experienced this or at the least some itching and irritation. Beard oil is the cure brothers!

This product is made up of various carrier and essential oils. Some popular ones are jojoba oil, grapessed oil, argan oil and sweet almond oil. Jojoba oil is most often used because it so closely resembles the natural sebum that our skin already produces. Mixed with those oils you’ll find some powerful essential oils added for scent and for nutrients. Cedarwood, eucalyptus, pine needle and sweet orange are some of the essential oils you’ll find in our blends. When combined, these beard oil blends provide intense hydration to the hair and skin. It will help encourage growth, promote a healthier beard and give it a softer touch.

Beard oil works best when used after the shower on a slightly damp beard, that way the hair follicles and pores are open from the shower steam and are ready to absorb the oil. We suggest apply 5-7 drops depending on how big your beard is and distributing it evenly throughout. To distribute it better and style at the same time, try using our boar bristle brush with the oil. You’ll notice a shinier, silkier beard after applying for a few weeks. Keep in mind that a little goes a long way! Too much will have you feeling and looking greasy.

Long story short, if you are looking to alleviate dryness, encourage growth and strengthen the hair then beard oil is for you. The one thing that beard oil lacks is styling hold. Because it is purely an oil, it won’t help you create that awesome handlebar mustache or mold your beard into a pleasant point. If you are seeking more of a styling product, you’ll want to grab some beard balm or wax to do the trick.


The first obvious difference between beard balm and oil is that balm is not in liquid form. The consistency of our duplex balm is solid but a bit creamy. The ultimate reason for using beard balm is to for styling and conditioning all in one. With a light hold, beard balm can help tame fly-aways and keep your beard in check. Beard balm has some of the same ingredients as beard oil, however there are added butters to make it solid. The main ingredients are typically beeswax, carrier oils, cocoa butter and various other conditioning agents that give it a thick, buttery consistency.

If you are comfortable with a little bit of weight and texture in your face fuzz, then you’ll enjoy beard balm. To apply, scoop a tiny amount out with your finger and then evenly smooth throughout the beard. You’ll notice our Duplex Balm starts to melt from the warmth of your hands, which is a good thing! It will still maintain it’s hold but penetrate a little deeper than a standard wax. Our Duplex Balm will have your face blanket smelling, looking and feeling amazing.

You may be thinking that you have to choose one or the other at this point. But, you can actually use beard oil and balm together in perfect harmony. You can use beard oil after a shower before you go to bed so that the oil can soak in and work its magic overnight. When you wake up, slap on some beard balm to keep your beard shaped, styled and conditioned all day long!

Hopefully we’ve helped decipher the difference for you between these seemingly similar products. Now, be on your way to bearded greatness with this gold nugget of beard product knowledge. Beard on!


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