The Best Beard Balm Ingredients

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February 17, 2017
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The Best Beard Balm Ingredients

Beard Balm Ingredients

Ah, the infamous beard balm. What is it anyway? A culmination of lotions layered with manly fragrance? A tin of crappy ingredients marked up with a high price? If you’re spending a pretty penny on beard balm, then you should probably know what’s in it and how it benefits your beard. Our mission today is for you to leave this page with a head full of knowledge on the best beard balm ingredients. As bearded brothers, we’re all here to learn from one another and educate ourselves on the beard care market. So, are you ready to learn?

The Essential Oils


Main Beard Balm Ingredient #1: Fine Essential Oils

One of the main beard balm ingredients you want to look for in beard balm is the essential oil. Essential oils are the main component in basically all beard care products, as they are what naturally moisturize and benefit your facial fuzz. Not only do they do soften your beard hair, but essential oils are what give it that luxurious scent. If you’ve used our Citrus Springs Duplex Beard Balm, you’ve probably noticed the bright refreshing orange and eucalyptus scent. That’s from the sweet orange and eucalyptus essential oils. See what we’re getting at?

It’s important not to just pick any random oils for your beard balm. Instead, you should pick specific essential oils based on their properties and their scents. For example, cedarwood essential oil smells rich and manly but it also reduces skin irritations, helps cure acne and promotes hair growth. Another great essential oil is tea tree oil, which works amazingly well for clearing up blemishes and relieving dry, itchy skin that flakes onto your love curls. Knowing the characteristics and benefits of each essential oils will help you determine how the beard balm ingredients will work together to best help your precious beard hairs.

The Beeswax


Main Beard Balm Ingredient #2: Mind Your Beeswax

The key beard balm ingredient that you will usually see on labels is beeswax. Beeswax comes from the honeycomb and has an unlimited shelf life. This is what gives beard balm it’s thicker, stickier texture which allows for better styling and hold. Beeswax is amazing for two reasons: 1) It locks the fly away beard hairs in place and 2) It contains Vitamin A which is essential for human cell development. A beard balm that’s loaded with vitamin rich, moisturizing ingredients is sure to keep your whiskers happy.

Although the amount of this beard balm ingredient is a relatively small percentage, it is absolutely mandatory in your beard balm if you are looking for slight hold.

The Butters


Main Beard Balm Ingredient #3: It’s all about the Butter

Did you ever wonder what gives our Duplex Beard Balm that smooth, creamy consistency? It’s butter! Well, natural plant based butter. These premium butters, when blended the right way, allow the beeswax to distribute evenly through your hair and not clump up into little hard pellets. Additionally, these butters melt when heated up which provides the same moisturizing properties as a beard oil. As such, butter is an essential part of the beard balm ingredient list.

Majority of the beard balms on the market use shea butter and cocoa butter as their main butter additives. Some may use mango butter or coconut oil in its solid form. Each one has a different set of health benefits and a slightly different consistency. Shea butter is moisturizing and has a high concentration of Vitamin E, which helps heal the skin. Cocoa butter is mainly used as a bulk agent because of its thicker consistency. A new, popular butter in the beard balm world is mango seed butter. It’s rich in Vitamin A which revitalizes the skin and hair and protects it from environmental stressors.

So, now that you’ve been given a quick little lesson on beard balm ingredients and their benefits, you can go purchase your product in confidence or try your hand at making your own. Let us know which ingredient is most important to you in the comments below!

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