Beard Oil: What is it and Why Use it?

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August 3, 2016
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Beard Oil: What is it and Why Use it?

Beard oil – what’s that?

Growing a beard is a far more complicated experience than just kicking back and letting hair sprout from your face. If you’ve ever tried to grow one and have given up, we bet it was due to the itchiness and irritation that occurs during the process. Or, maybe your hair and skin became so dry and flaky that you acquired the dreaded “beardruff”. Luckily, that’s where beard oil comes in.

Beard grooming is no longer as simple as just shaving or combing it. To successfully grow a thick beard, it’s critical to take proper care of your hair and face. Beard oil is jam packed with essential oils and nutrients that replenish your hair follicles, strengthen your beard and nurture the skin underneath.

Each oil provides a different benefit to the hair and skin. Argan and jojoba oil are probably the most common carrier oils used because of their similarity to the skins natural oils and for their conditioning properties. Essential oils such as eucalyptus, tea tree and orange provide itch relief, clear up skin irritation and stimulate blood flow to promote thicker growth. Every person has a different beard, so choosing a beard oil will be up to what benefits you are looking for. Ofcourse, we can’t forget the importance of a good smelling face. You’ll want to find an oil that you will want to sniff all day long.

How do I apply beard oil?

You’ll want to start by showering or washing your beard and face. A clean canvas and the use of warm water is best because it opens up the pores and hair follicles, allowing the oils to completely absorb.

The next step depends on what kind of packaging you’re working with.  There are a few different package designs that we’ve seen out on the market. Some have flat tops, where you just unscrew it and pour some into your hand. Other bottles have a dropper top for easy control and measurement. We’ve found that dropper tops work best, which is what our beard oils come with. They give you maximum control over the amount you drop into your hand, beard or brush. It eliminates excess pouring and wasted product which will make it last much longer.

If you have a dropper, you’ll want to put around 5 drops (give or take) of the beard oil into your hand. The amount you use will depend on how long your beard is, but remember that a little goes a LONG way. If you use too much, you may end up with a really oily beard. You can also use any excess product on your head hair, too!

Next, you should rub the oil in your palms and begin to apply from your neck hairs and up. Be sure to work it in the hairs and to touch the skin. Don’t forget the mustache! After that, you can style and comb through it to spread the oil evenly throughout.

What else can I use to apply it?

Using your hand is your cheapest option and can get the oil up in those grizzly hairs best. But, if you don’t like the feel of it on your hands, you can just drop the beard oil right onto the hairs and work through it with a comb. There are also beard brushes out on the market, such as our Oval Boar Bristle Brush,  that you can drop some oil onto and then brush it in. Once you get in the swing of things, you’ll find out what grooming routine works best for you.

How often should I use it?

For Ritual Beard oils, we recommend daily or every other day use. Our products contain really high quality, all natural essential oils that are quite powerful. If the beard oil you’ve purchased is made with diluted oils or low-quality ingredients, it may be drying out your beard or doing absolutely nothing to it, which will lead you to think you need to apply it more often. A top-notch beard oil shouldn’t have to be re-applied throughout the day.

Hopefully, beard oil won’t seem so intimidating to you now that you’ve read this. It’s super easy to use and has immense benefits for your beard. Say goodbye to that rough, unruly facial hair and be on your way to growing a fluffy, shiny masterpiece.



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